Costa Rica Mangroves Kayak Tour

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Mangrove swamps are one of the richest environmental sites for spotting vast forms of wildlife that live in both the trees and water. Dominical sits on the Pacific Ocean bordered to the north by the Río Hatillo, a fresh water river that runs from the mountains into the ocean, where it creates a rushing current that you can find and track as you walk along the beach. Traveling up the river bend, in the nooks of the tree roots and lush canopy of green, are an illustrious variety of birds including the Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, Little Blue Heron, Brown Pelican and Royal Tern. Various indigenous animals value their privacy among the lush growth and roots of the trees. Many mammals take shade throughout the day. It is common to see White faced Capuchin monkeys, three- and two-toed sloths, Northern Raccoons or the White-nosed Coati which inhabits the estuaries. The mangroves also are home to various reptiles such as the Green Iguana, Jesus Christ lizards, the Boa Constrictor, and six different species of crabs.


You will depart from Dominical and drive 7 kilometers north over the Costanera road, until we arrive at the Hatillo Mangrove next to Guapil Beach. Along the way, we will make some stops to see sloths, toucans and monkeys. After we put the kayaks into the water, your guide will get you ready with an introduction into safety and paddling technique. He will explain to you the significance of this environment and introduce you to the beauty and the great variety of fauna that inhabit this sanctuary between the river and the ocean.

The schedule is subject to sea tides


  • Light lunch