TreefrogThe daily average temperatures are very constant year long in the southern zone where Dominical is located. What changes in the green season are the afternoon and night rains and the night temperatures.

The air is fresher and cleaner and the night temperatures are cooler than in the dry season.

A normal day in the green season starts with bright sunny mornings and hot days. Around 3-4 pm the thunderstorms start to built up in the high mountains behind Dominical or out on the Pacific. Dominical is located in the “no wind zone” between Panama and central Costa Rica so those big thunderstorms from the Pacific usually roll in with thunder and lightning but without wind. This is an amazing sight and it is best appreciated from up high.

The rains start usually around 4pm and sometimes goes on the whole night. You will experience tropical down pours which are unheard off in temperate climates. They can get so strong that car wipers can not get rid of the water anymore and you have to stop the car!

The next morning will start with early morning mist over the rain forest which gets soon dissolved by the strong equatorial sun in Costa Rica.

This is also the time of the year when the wildlive and fauna literally wakes up from the hot and dry months of December to April. Some of the deciduous plants in the rain forest get their new leaves and the wildlive starts moving again in search of food. June and July are also the main fruiting seasons when mangos, avocados and other tropical fruits come into season.

We think the rainy season is the time to visit our area!