Meditative Movement Retreat

Sandrine Harris & Otis Cook

June 6 to June 13, 2015

What's Included
  • Mind-Body nourishment, as well as personal time for repose and reconnection
  • 3 Freshly-prepared daily meals by a private chef
  • Daily Movement and Meditation
  • Excursion to Playa Linda: A pristine, secluded 15-mile long beach
Guest will be guided for
  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Breath work
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Feldenkrais®
  • Tai chi
  • Qi gong
  • Aikido
Practices offered
  • Meditative tools for relaxation and wellness
  • Mental and physical flexibility
  • Safe yet challenging movement (available to adults of all levels and ages)
  • Trust in one’s innate abilities, and in working together with others
  • Quieting the mind, and harnessing the power of movement to create change
  • Playful, fun explorations
  • Discussion and support for experiential learning
  • Highly versatile movement, for your daily life and beyond
  • Experiential anatomy and body awareness
General Information

Sandrine and Otis are thrilled to be offering this rare invitation to unwind, explore the beauty of Costa Rica, and cultivate a healthy, dynamic path to mindful living, self- exploration, and functional movement.

Through a gentle progression of activities, we begin each day with a centered, internal practice, creating a conscious environment in which to explore solo and group interactions. Guests are invited to develop flexibility as they shift between breathwork, meditation, dance, and martial arts skills. This integrative practice promises to bring a feeling of calmness, groundedness and rediscovered freedom, while nurturing self-growth as well as trust in working with others.

Having many years of teaching experience between them, Otis and Sandrine will provide the essential keys to playful movement for awareness, wellness, strength, and agility. Adults of all ages and levels are welcome, and modifications and careful attention will be given to each individual. No prior experience with any of the activities offered is required to attend.

The rich fabric of forms and meditative approaches offered at the Meditative Movement Retreat, are a focused opportunity to tap into your innate ability to heal, learn, grow, and move well!

The Teachers
Otis @ Manu Yoga Retreat

With a love for movement, Otis Cook has had an extensive career in teaching and performance. Starting as a break dancer, he moved on to a professional career as a modern dancer with renowned companies including Pilobolus, Momix, and Diavolo. As Creative Director for Pilobolus, Otis choreographed and performed 11 original works in addition to dancing 10 works of Pilobolus repertory. Otis also performed extensively as a circus character with Cirque du Soleil.

He has explored the world, and found inroads to playful movement and flexibility, remaining highly physical while connecting mind and body through the practice of martial arts and yoga.
For this retreat, Otis will offer a variety of activities that increase awareness internally as well as externally, for students to develop trust and freedom. He brings together a rich mixture of movements from Qi gong, Tai chi, yoga and Aikido, as well as basic partnering skills.

For more information on Otis, please visit:

Sandrine @ Manu Yoga Retreat

Sandrine is the founder of KINESOMA, a wellness approach dedicated to the pursuit of learning through mindful movement. Sandrine developed this approach through years of studying and practicing various forms of dance, movement and healing modalities.

As a former professional dancer, Sandrine has a broad training background including contemporary dance, Feldenkrais®, the Vaganova Method of classical ballet, Ashtanga yoga, Pilates mat, experiential anatomy, Argentinian tango and meditation. Sandrine has taught and danced internationally for the last 20 years.

Sandrine enjoys sharing an approach to slowing down, cultivating awareness through mindful movement and meditation, and finding new patterns and ways of moving and thinking outside of habit. Learning and enjoyment are the cornerstones of her work with others.

For this retreat, Sandrine will offer a balance of gentle work in somatic-based mindfulness meditation, dance, and Feldenkrais®. The focused intention will be grounded in exploration, playfulness, and healthy, functional movement.

To learn more about Sandrine, please visit:

The Prices

We offer a 25% Early Bird Couple Discount if you book two people at the same time 60 days before the beginning of the retreat – Ends 2015-04-06. Please use the coupon couple25%

By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement. All prices are per/person and include a non-refundable $500 deposit.


$1,450.00 per person and week $1,750.00 per person and week $2,900.00 per person and week $1,950.00 per person and week $3,200.00 per person and week $2,100.00 per person and week $3,200.00 per person and week