Transformational Retreat Costa Rica

Sarah and James Roy

Nov 14 to 21 2015

What's Included
12 neurofeedback / neurofield brain training sessions
3 bodywork/massage sessions tailored to your needs
3 one-to-one private yoga or coaching sessions
8 group yoga sessions
8 mindfulness meditation sessions
Advice and support from leading Neurotherapists
Private chef featuring gourmet wholefood
Personal programme to use at home
Airport transfers
General Information

Transformational Retreats

Transformational retreats are the first of their kind; a modern application of Western neuroscience and Eastern wisdom, working together to create positive, lasting changes in your mind and body.

Our program harnesses the brain’s amazing capacity for change – its ability to reshape how it works to help us meet the challenges we face. Our program releases you from old thoughts and habits, bringing you the clarity and perspective to transform your life. The ability to strengthen your cognitive weaknesses and shift the automatic reactions that often rule our lives can be utterly life-changing.

Every individual program is unique; custom designed to suit your needs and goals. Our state-of-the-art brain mapping technology gives us the ability to track and monitor your progress over the course of your retreat. This guides us in designing the best program for you, and for updating your program as you change.

Our facilitators are world leaders in advanced brain training technologies (read more here – We limit all our retreats to only six participants, supported by four facilitators to ensure the highest quality for every individual’s programme.

Come join us on a Transformational Retreat, and get more out of a week than you ever thought possible.

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The Teacher

This retreat has four professional facilitators for the six participants, ensuring the closest possible attention to detail.

Kate Hewett (Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching)
Sarah Roy (Neurotherapy, Bodywork, Nutritional Advisor)
James Roy (Neurotherapy, Bodywork)
Ben Taylor (Brain Training practitioner)
and Kdn Lyne, our Private Chef

You can find out more about our team on our website here;

The Itinerary

A typical retreat day begins with a pre-breakfast energising and uplifting yoga session to wake you up and get the body moving, followed by a local fruit and superfoods smoothie and breakfast.

Over the course of the day, you will have a tailored neurofeedback session, a neurofield session / guided meditation session, and either 90 minutes of bodywork / massage, a private 1-to-1 yoga or coaching session, or a nutritional consultation. There is a guided group mindfulness meditation in the late afternoon. The balance of the day is your own, to enjoy the amenities and lush surroundings.

With deep changes taking place on all levels, most of our clients find that they need more rest than usual. Simply walking, reading a book or lying in the sun is enough to fill the day between sessions. A natural and plentiful lunch is served, and a gourmet dinner is followed by occasional evening activities. Teas, coffees and cold drinks are always available, and our chef is always happy to share his knowledge of nutrition and delicious recipes with you.

You can participate in the daily activities as much or as little as you like. This is your transformational retreat.