Playa Uvita is especially well-known for its ‘whale tail’ formation at the northern end of the beach, a kilometer-long sand bar, leading to an impressive sprawl of layered coral rocks at the end of the tail. The sand bar is best accessed during low tide when it transforms into a scenic walkway, with the long sweep of Hermosa Beach on one side and Uvita Beach on the other.

Playa Uvita near one of the Ballena marine park entrance’s is the site of the stunning tombolo and Moses Pass. Here at low tide the ocean parts, leaving dry a long stretch of sand that reaches far into what is usually covered by sea. Walking along this stretch of land, called Moses’s pass after the biblical leader’s feat of parting the read sea, feels a little unreal. The large expanse of beach dwarfs visitors and makes it seam as if one were walking straight into the ocean. At the very end of the pass sits a rectangular structure made of stone, possible the foundation of an old lighthouse. Climbing on top of it for an even better view of the mountainous shore is an exhilarating way to experience the beach.

This is the best place to enter the park, since it only costs $1 and there are restrooms and lots of restaurants nearby.