Playa Dominical and Playa Dominicalito (just a few miles south of the town center) are ideal for the hard-core surfer and perfect for the novice. The international surfing community has known Dominical for many years. It became a destination in the early seventies by a group of spirited and dedicated surfers and, because of its consistently good waves, Dominical has steadily gained in popularity over the last 30 years. The unusual conditions of the beach are what give its surf size, dependability and the gentle rolling waves that make a consistent white water splash perfect for learning. The tepid warm water created by the mocha colored volcanic sand allows you to stay in the water for long periods of time without a chill. The team at Manu Villas is well acquainted with the top surf schools and many of the talented instructors. Whether you are looking for a challenging ride or a tepid twist and just some fun learning to balance and stand on the board, we can make the right arrangements for you.


The initial hour of a surf lesson is designed to prepare you for standing on the board and riding small white water on to the beach. Regardless of whether you plan to be a competitive surfer or just want to feel more competent on your boogie board, an hour of surfing in the sweet swell of the warm Pacific Ocean is worth trying.

For the more advanced surfers, arrangements can be made for towing into ideal location and touring through some of the more challenging breaks and waves on the outside of the sand bar or further down the long pacific coast.


  • All Transportation
  • Professional bilingual teachers
  • surfboards