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scarlet macaw costa rica

The Scarlet Macaw comes to Manu Yoga Retreats Dominical

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Manu Villa Yoga Retreats is honored and excited to announce we have been accepted into the elite program of repopulating the magnificent Scarlet Macaw! The governing environment ministries of SINAC (Ministry of Environment and Energy for the national parks, conservation areas, and other protected natural areas of Costa Rica) and MINAET (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Technology, responsible for the coordination the conservation and natural resources managing the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges of Costa Rica) has awarded Manu Yoga Retreats as a safe haven for repopulation of this exquisite bird on the endangered species list.  Manu Yoga Retreats has anxiously awaited our acceptance as recognized breeders of this bravura bird while offering it a home to repopulate and circumvent extinction. We will soon be receiving several clutches of eggs which will be incubated and then kept protected for up to three years while they build strength, stability, and remain sheltered from environmental hazards. They will then be released into thirty acres of pristine jungle in the Manu Yoga Retreats landscape to nest, breed, and fly freely without harm from poachers. In an effort to help their natural adaptation to the environment and our landscape we will be plant several hundred Alemendo Trees. The Alemendo Tree is known as the jungle giant and is essential to the entire rainforest canopy.  The tree forks repeatedly, resulting in a graceful, rounded crown with large bunches of purple flowers produced at the end of its branches.The Almendro tree is the Scarlet Macaw’s main source of food, as well as the ideal site for nest building. Aside from the macaw, people who journey to Manu Yoga Retreats will see diverse species of birds, sloths and monkeys swinging from its branches gathering the fruit to taste the sweet green pulp within.  We at Manu Yoga Retreats have waited several years for this incredible opportunity to share our home for the essential repopulation of this glorious endangered animal.

Fun Macaw facts:

  • They can live up to 30 years but if they are captive that number can grow until 75 years.
  • The Macaw’s diet consists of a seeds but what they really adore is the tropical fruit and blossom of the Alemendo tree.
  • The hard bright beak is used to get the soft inner part of the seeds and to protect itself against predators.
  •  Eye color can let you know if they are young or old a Mac Caw is. When they are young they have black eyes, when they are old they have yellow eyes.
  • Scarlet Macaws can measure almost a meter long (That’s over three feet long!)
  • Many of the macaw species require large areas of pristine habitat for their survival (they are ideal biological indicators of the conservation status of rainforests).
  • Macaws require lots of space and high roosts to keep young away from predators: human deforestation is the enemy.
  • Scarlet macaws are left-handed. They use their left foot to handle food and grasp things while their right supports their body.

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