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Terri Walsh Teacher Training – Yoganonymous.com

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Art method

Terri Walsh has teamed up with Manu Yoga Retreats so, be on the look out for future A.R.T. Method teacher training options at our luxury Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica!

What is the A.R.T. Method?

After twenty years of intense study Walsh eventually created her own trademark and patent: Active Resistance Training®. The A. R. T Method uses two standard foam yoga blocks to create resistance in distinct zones of our body that target large and small muscle groups. The principals of internal alignment and concentration rely on the same musculoskeletal strength needed in Yoga and Pilates classes, but Walsh brings a special brand of aerobic energy to it. Walsh is firm: “This is not yoga with weights and it is not weights with yoga. It is not yoga and it is not fitness: it is a fitness practice”. – See more at: Yoganonymous.com

Floating: Meditative Movement with Sandrine Harris & Otis Cook – Yoganonymous.com

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Sandrine Harris and Otis Cook are mentioned in Yoganonymous.com and they will be offering their Meditative Movement Retreat at Manu Yoga Retreats this June!

“My big wake up call was a pinched nerve in my back, (which I sustained) while juggling a Pilobolus dancer. I suffered numbness for eight months of until I discovered Trigger Points. That, in combination with yoga mind-body concepts, Asian internal meditation with chi, sports therapy, and creativity directed at individual circumstances, has enabled me to do acrobatics for 30 years. It’s time to pass the tools on to others.” – Otis

Register for their Meditative Movement Retreat June 6th- 13th!

It includes:

  • Mind-Body nourishment, as well as personal time for repose and reconnection
  • 3 Freshly-prepared daily meals by a private chef
  • Daily Movement and Meditation
  • Excursion to Playa Linda: A pristine, secluded 15-mile long beach

Interview with Michael B. Harris – Yoganonymous.com

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Great interview with Senior Bikram Teacher Michael B Harris by our very own Andes Hruby over at our friends Yoganonymous.com. “The commercialism of yoga started a very long time ago when our noble teachers asked for a gold coin to impart their knowledge of postures or meditation. It is all evolution and regression at the same time. We do not have to judge it. We just have to practice.” – Michael B. Harris


You can catch Michael B Harris at his upcoming yoga retreat in Costa Rica at Manu Retreats on May 9th to the 13th, 2015.

michael B Harris interview

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